Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The anatomy of a Microsoft Most Valuable [Hypocrite]

  Earlier today, a known Microsoft Most Valuable Hypocrite posted a tweet in which he said:

It is all fun and games, until IBM sues your open source project for patent infringement: http://bit.ly/czEYvR
   And when I tried to remind him that the company he worships (Microsoft) is the most notorious company when it comes patents, I said:

Hey! You are the last man on earth that can talk about "Patent infingement"! @migueldeicaza

  And instead of responding politely and rationally, he (as usually known among most Microsoft's Most Valuable Goons/Hypocrites) preferred to resort to street language, which explains a lot about Microsoft's totally unethical attitudes not only towards FOSS, but towards anything and anyone who dares to stand in its way. And his response was

@Omar_S_Hafez Oh yeah, how so? Have I ever threatened anyone with patent infringement? Or you are talking out of your ass?

  So, basically, and based on my previous experience, being a Microsoft employee, goon, kool-aide junkie, hypocrite, troll, etc. is  all about the following:

  1. Being an excellent liar, fraud, con artist.. etc.
  2. Being a professional yapper. You have to keep on yapping, and yapping, and yapping and never stop yapping, even if you've no single idea what you're saying.
  3.  Being an extreme ultimate ignorant. Chanting "Sharepoint! Sharepoint! Sharepoint!" or "BING! BING! BING!..." without even knowing what any of these are is a vital attitude of a typical Microsoft goon/hypocrite.
  4.  At some point, where you find yourself trapped and your mind is out of ideas, resort to trash talking, bullying, astroturfing, or even changing the subject entirely. This helps a lot at distracting the audience from realizing how much of a loser you are, and might also give a [false] impression, that you know what you are saying.
  5. At some certain cases, when a FOSS blogger starts to sound more annoying, things tend to get a bit technical. So, instead of just trash-talking and spreading FUD, you might also have to declare a DDOS attack on their website to bring it down. This way, readers will start to feel sick of the website's frequent downtimes and sluggishness and decide to leave it for good.
  6. When you are criticizing GNU/Linux, never talk about anything new. All you have to do is keep reviving the old issues like "Linux is not easy for non-geeks", "Linux is only virus free because it has a molecular user base", "Linux can't play games", "Linux doesn't support hardware drivers".. etc. etc. And people will directly assume that you've spent dozens of hours examining the Linux system from inside out.
  7. Arrogance plays a major role in the personality of a typical MS Most Valuable Hypocrite. Keep looking down at people who disagree with what you say.

  And this list goes on and on and on... but these are the ones I could come up with at the moment.

  And in the end, my advice to Meguel de Icaza is this:
I think you really should stop what you're doing and go take a couple lessons on how to talk politely with other people. And the most important thing is: NEVER take these lessons in Redmond!


  1. in short: WHAT?

    Looking at this exchange, you're the one who needs to learn to be polite, making random accusations like that.

    Miguel is not a Microsoft functionary or even employee. He's a valued and long-time free software (on GNU/Linux, even!) developer, and he appears to have been awarded by Microsoft for his work with technologies supported by Microsoft, in the realm of free software. Being a Mono programmer and/or being paid by Novell isn't a bad thing, and I don't see how patents even enter into it.

  2. @jollybox.de

    Do your homework.
    And here's a good place to start:

  3. Hi again. I just saw your response, after 2½ months. Ah, well...

    To quote your quote of Miguel:

    """ Have I ever threatened anyone with patent infringement? Or you are talking out of your ass? """

    Has he, ever, threatened anyone with patent infringement?

    There may be software patents that apply to his excellent work, yes. Microsoft patents. But that's not Miguel's, Ximian's, or even Novell's fault.

    Maybe a user of mono is on shaky legal ground *in certain countries*. The same probably applies to many more free software projects. But patent laws and Microsoft's legal dept. hold the blame, not fine engineers like Miguel de Icaza.